Handmade mines confiscated in North Okkalapa and Insein townships

Handmade Mine in Northokkla and insein
13 handmade mines mad of Redbull containers were seized.

While clearing roadblocks in North Okkalapa and Insein townships, handmade mines were confiscated, according to the statement of Myanmar Police Force.

The statement said security forces have accelerated activities for the rule of law and peace in the country by patrolling day and night, maintaining riots and clearing roadblocks set by rioters.

While the security forces were removing roadblocks put by rioters at the intersection of Thudamar road and Nweni road in North Okkalapa road in the afternoon of 9 March, two handmade mines made of plastic pipes were confiscated.

Similarly, during the riot control in Insein Township, 4 men including Aeik Pan, 35, were arrested and confiscated 13 Redbull containers filled with gunpowder and investigation are underway to take action against those, who devised handmade mines, in accordance with the law.

As rioters have transformed the peaceful protests into violent ones by using explosive devices in various places, people should avoid protests to prevent unwanted injury and report to the relevant departments when suspected items were found in the neighbourhood, according to the state of Myanmar Police Force.—MNA

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