Heartbeat quotes of officials and local people over progress of Magweza-Khaunglanphu road to Khaunglanphu

Ministry of Border Affairs implemented Magwaeza-Khaunglanphu Road project (65 miles and 4 furlongs) in Khaunglanphu Township of Putao District in Kachin State in respective FYs, and the project started in Khaunglanphu on 3 September.
These are the words of officials and residents: —
U Dipar Maung
Deputy Superintending Engineer
Progress of Border Areas and National Races Department

We have constructed the Magwaeza-Khaunglanphu Road with four sections under the 5-year project in the 2016-2017FY. We paved 24 feet wide earthern road. The most difficult road sections are Nga Lone Dan-San Loot Chat Hill and San Loot Chat Hill–Ridam. We exploded the stone mountains and faced serious weather conditions at the peak of the mountain. We completed the 12 feet wide and 44 miles long of the Ridam stone-paving road until 2021. The remaining 20 miles section will be conducted in the 2021-2022FY. We are very proud of paving the road directly to the Khaunglanphu.

U Pa Zal Phu
In charge of station
MRTV retransmission station

I am U Pa Zal Phu from No (3) Ward of Khaunglanphu. I am so happy that there is a one-way road to Khaunglanphu and I want to tell you something about the difficulties of the past. I lived here starting 2004-2005. The transportation was very bad and the rice and other commodities were also rare. It cost K180,000 per bag of rice. This price was very high. We did not have any extra money for a curry after using our monthly salary for rice. The high commodity prices were caused by transport difficulties. But now, the government prioritizes the township for paving the road and the prices of rice including commodities decline. We can get a bag of rice at only 60,000 which was about K180,000 before. Therefore, we thank the government officials, companies and engineers. Due to the proper road transportation, we can get relief for our keeps. It takes 13 or 14 days to walk from Khaunglanphu to Putao township. But now, it is convenient for all the government employees, teachers and residents to travel to Putao easily.

U Da Khwam Pe Ram
Town Elder
No (4) Ward, Khaunglanphu

All the local people are happy that there is proper road transportation in Khaunglanphu Township. If there is no road in the next four or five years, the people might relocate in Putao. But now, the people do not want to move from here. I took more than 10 days to walk from Khaunglanphu to Putao in the past. We found difficulties on the way if we run out of our rations. Now, we have proper road transportation and it can benefit our education, health and economy sectors of our region. We thank the government and officials of the company for paving the road. God bless you all.

U J Yaw Ye Se
Town Elder
No (3) Ward, Khaunglanphu

Khaunglanphu Township is located in a remote area and left behind in development sectors in previous years. However, there is road transportation and the people are very happy. I want to thank the heads of the country for paving the road in our region on behalf of our people. When there was no road, it took us more than 10 days to walk from Khaunglanphu to Putao. Now, we can make day-trip by motorcycle.
Due to the difficult access to road transport in the past, there were sick employees and people who died on the way to hospitals. Now, good road transport can improve our health and education sectors, and we can get foodstuff at cheap prices.

Although the township is a less populated area, all the people understand that the government makes effort for our regions according to their policy like there is no gap between urban and rural development levels and poverty reduction. Therefore, we thank the relevant government officials and the officials of the Ministry of Border Affairs for drafting the project including the construction company. I hope our region would gain development in education, health and social sectors starting now. — Khaunglanphu (IPRD)/GNLM

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