High-scale renovation works on 100-year-old Ledi stone inscription museum complete 85%

High-scale renovation works on a nearly 100 years old Ledi stone inscription building in Monywa Township complete almost 85 per cent, said U Kyaw Win, treasurer of the board of trustees.
“The operation complete nearly 85 per cent. The building is almost a hundred years old and the repair works started in 2018. There are 277 chambers for stone plaques and now we have completed 252 chambers. We expected to finish by April 2022,” he said. The Ledi stone inscription building is 150×150 feet in width with 277 chambers containing 240 poles.
The cash contribution for this renovation is K150,000 per gold-plated pole and K250,000 per white plate for a wall.
“We do not affect the stone inscriptions in conducting repair works. We cover them with plastic. It spends more than K230 million as of November and is estimated to cost about K300 million,” he added.
The Ledi stone inscription museum boasts of 806 stone slab inscriptions that depicted 96 Dipani — 61 treatises Myanmar literature, 18 Nissara and one Pali text. Ledi Sayadaw wrote 89 treatises Dipani; Ledi Pandita U Maung Gyi six Dipani, and Ledi U Kawi one Dipani.
The Ledi stone inscription museum organizing team was formed on 27 November 1925 and conducted a stake driving ceremony in 1926 and the building construction have been completed after three years, according to the records.
The cost was K124,218 plus13 pe and six pya and the southern and western parts of the stone inscription were damaged from bombing during World War II.— Lu Lay/GNLM

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