Highly-qualified human resources will be required in successfully undertaking production of the products based on agriculture and livestock farms: Senior General

The inputs, capitals, techniques and good human resources are required for successfully operating the manufacturing process, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at a meeting with district and township departmental officials, town elders, MSME businesspersons from Homalin District at the city hall in Homalin yesterday morning.

Individual reports for economic development
Sagaing Region Chief Minister U Myat Kyaw reported on implementation of MSME businesses in Sagaing Region and Homalin District, disbursement of loans for MSMEs, manufacturing of products for one village-one product scheme and departmental officials, on facts about Homalin District, matters related to Nampinnga small-scale hydropower project and functions for Chindwin Bridge (Htamanthi) project.
Local businesspersons also presented reports on nurturing of forest plantations for plywood factory and for generating jobs for local people, needs of assistance from the State for the industries to produce export products, extension of tea industries in Homalin District and its needs of loans from the State, sending of fish products to the domestic and foreign markets, progress of rubber industry as from 2005 and needs for development of the regional economy.

Discussions of Union ministers in respective sectors
In their response, the Union ministers discussed encouragement of the State for operating MSMEs, own arrangement of businesspersons to link relevant banks to borrow loans and responsibilities to pay back the loans, implementation of the emerald green project, and electrification for Homalin District.

Political progress of the State
In his speech, the Senior General explained his arrival to fulfill the requirements of Homalin District, political progress of the State, efforts for reduction of terror acts and peace and stability of the region.

Encouragement to manufacturing sector based on domestic raw materials
The Senior General stressed the need to encourage cultivation of rubber and tea in Homalin region. The region produces groundnut, sesame, canola, bamboo and rattan in addition to gold and natural resources as well as oil and natural gas. Efforts are being made to generate electricity for development of the region.
The Senior General continued to say that it is necessary to encourage manufacturing of products with the use of domestic raw materials. If local people strive for manufacturing of agricultural produce, it will contribute much to the regional development. It is necessary to enhance cultivation of rubber in the region and meet the demand of the rubber products of the nation so as to develop the nation.
Highly-qualified human resources will be required in successfully undertaking production of the products based on agriculture and livestock farms. So, the government encourages establishment of agriculture and livestock breeding high schools and institutes across the nation.

Requirements of inputs, capitals, techniques, good human resources
The inputs, capitals, techniques and good human resources are required for successfully operating the manufacturing process. In this regard, the country may overcome challenges of fertilizers and electricity but critically face high prices of fuel similar to other countries. Myanmar consumes more than one million of vehicles and more than 6 million motorcycles as well as millions of fuel gallon on a daily basis. So, all need to save consumption of fuel.
The government has opened basic education schools, colleges and universities for all students to learn education. The government is responsible for undertaking regional development tasks. Improvement of individually socio-economic life is concerned with the individual hardworking. Only when it needs to encourage education sector, will the region and the country have abundant human resources. So, everybody needs to encourage learning education.

Efficient use of local resources and plans of the State to fulfill needs
The Senior General outlined that it is necessary to encourage business of the rural people in agriculture and livestock farms for development of the State economy. Local people have to efficiently use the domestic sources. The government will fulfill the requirements.
The Senior General presented gifts for departmental personnel through local authorities.
The Senior General cordially greeted departmental officials, town elders, and MSME businesspersons from Homalin District.
Later, the Senior General viewed round the exhibitions on minerals, foodstuffs, personal goods, industrial goods, traditional handicraft, textile and traditional medicines.—MNA

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