Honour the noble sacrifices of nurses in healthcare services

Health personnel including medical doctors, nurses, midwives and other different positions of health staff are a reliable health force for providing healthcare services to the people. Of them, nurses are in a position of medium between patients and medical doctors and health officers.
Those nurses are upholding their duties to lessen disease impacts on patients and enhance convenience. Their efforts directly reflect the physical and mental health prosperity of the patients. Hence, nurses can be dubbed as the backbone of the healthcare sector as well as the most reliable alliance of medical doctors. If those medical doctors are defined as the strikers of the medical arena, the nurses can be said as the last defenders.
The number of licenced nurses amounts to 3.8 million across the world, accounting for 59 per cent of the massive health staff. It shows the important role of nurses in the medical arena. Depending on their skills and talents, nurses can help medical doctors in providing treatment and surgical operations. Moreover, they themselves serve the primary duties of checking the health conditions of patients and counselling the patients in order to raise the durability against the impacts of diseases.
It is expected that the outbreak of the terrible Covid-19 pandemic would be unforgettable for all. They all can understand very dangerously the infection of the pandemic in its waves. Even though, nurses at various levels dutifully served their assignments to provide treatment to the positive patients during the climax position of Covid-19 infections from first to fourth waves throughout the world as well as in Myanmar. Those nurses did not turn to their interests despite knowing that such kinds of infection may lethally harm them in relevant workplaces.
During the period of Covid-19, some 90,000 health staff suffered from an infection of Covid-19, and more than 260 nurses of who died of infection, according to the International Council of Nurses. As such, everybody may guess the sacrifice of nurses in the health sector. So also, those nurses make the sacrifice of life and limbs on battlefields so as to save the lives of the soldiers and people.
Everybody values their lives and limbs. So, they do not wish to face loss of life and limbs. But nurses dare to sacrifice life and limbs, if necessary, despite knowing the value of their lives and limbs. It spotlights their profession, noble will and excellent capacity in providing healthcare services to the people. Everybody should not forget the fact that there are many noble people including nurses.


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