Hoteliers are to strive for securing success in their business so as to contribute to the economic development of the State: Senior General

The government will adopt necessary policy and provide assistance to all as much as possible, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at a meeting with hotels and tourism entrepreneurs at Pristine Mermaid Resort in Thandwe of Rakhine State yesterday afternoon.
Reports on operating hotels and tourism services and requirements
Departmental officials and hoteliers reported on the issuance of licences to hotels and lodges in Thandwe district, the creation of beach tours, the implementation of the guest list management system, the prospect of upgrading Thandwe airport to the international one for more arrivals of travellers, requirements for improvement of Yangon-Ngapali road, electrification, need for the establishment of a fishery zone to be developed together with the tourism sector and control for sand extraction not to cause deterioration of the beach.

Instructions to reports
The Senior General discussed that those from the tourism industry and aviation services need to coordinate the running of flights. The government pledged to upgrade the Ngapali airport to be an international airport. Arrangements are being made to resume the Thahtay hydropower project. Currently, electrification will be relied on solar power, paddy husk-fired gasifiers and wind power. Fish farming must be undertaken systematically.

The tourism industry needs to efficiently utilize the natural resources of regions
In his speech, the Senior General said that the tourism industry is included in the micro, small and medium-scale enterprises, and the government is encouraging the operation of MSME businesses. Travellers and tourism service providers are to initiate mutual cooperation in a systematic manner. As Ngapali beach is very beautiful, it is necessary to utilize the advantages of the beach in order to attract travellers. Good human resources must be turned out to operate the hotels and tourism services. To have developed human resources, it is necessary to encourage the education sector without fail for turning out educated persons in the region.

A pleasant house can catch the attention of guests
The Senior General stressed the need for local authorities and local peoples to beautify ancient heritages and religious edifices which need preservation and keep all environs and roads neat and tidy. It is necessary to create green zones for the pleasantness of travellers. Only when a larger number of travellers to the regions contributes to the proper flow of currency in the region will relevant regions develop. A pleasant house can catch the attention of the guests.
If local authorities are absent to warn against unlawful acts, it will be terrible impacts on the interests of the region and the country in the future. Officials need to supervise the Ngapali region to have systematic road facilities and direction signboards along roads and squats in road areas.
The success of hotels and tourism will help create market opportunities for domestic textile industries which will help develop the State economy. The government will adopt the necessary policy and provide assistance to all as much as possible. Hoteliers are to strive for securing success in their business so as to contribute to the economic development of the State.
The Senior General inspected the construction of Aung Sit Thi resort (Linthar) in Thandwe and gave necessary instructions.
At Thandwe Airport, the deputy minister for Transport and Communications reported on the expansion of the runway of the airport and plans to upgrade the runway and the airport.
In his response, the Senior General said that upgrading the Thandwe airport to an international facility can help increase arrivals of tourists to the region, further export domestic products to the markets at home and abroad, directly send marine products to foreign markets as well as contribute a great deal to the regional development. The Senior General then instructed officials to expand the runway of the airport in phases.
The Senior General viewed the runway and conditions to upgrade the airport. — MNA/TTA

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