Htan Pyinnyar cave inspected to explore new tourism destination in Nawnghkio Tsp

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Travellers holding the sticks of fire are seen inside the Htan Pyinnyar Cave in Nawngkio Township, Shan State.  Photo: Htwe Nge (Nawnghkio IPRD)

A team led by officials of Shan State Tourism Committee and deputy township administrator U Htay Lin Aung observed Htan Pyinnyar cave to explore a new tourism site in Nawnghkio Township of northern Shan State on 30 January.
That natural cave is located six miles away from Nawnghkio Township. The opening of the cave is 15 feet wide. The cave is 200 feet wide and about 700 feet long. The team studied the cave with torches. The cave has enough oxygen, and it is free from wild animals. The natural cave is boasted with stalactite and other cave formations. The beautiful nature of the cave was discovered during the study trip.
Htan Pyinnyar cave will be designated as an eco-tourism site, and the tour route will be planned together with Glass Bridge near Goke Hteik viaduct, which will be built. The local news sources are also observing the site.—Htwe Nge (Nawnghkio IPRD) (Translated by HMTW)

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