State Administration Council Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing yesterday morning met departmental officials and MSME businesspersons at the city hall in Pathein to discuss regional development and economic development.
Individual reports on MSME businesses in the region
The Ayeyawady Region Chief Minister, officials and businesspersons reported on the implementation of MSME in the region as well as the Pathein industrial zone, manufacturing of agriculture, livestock, handiwork and foodstuffs, implementation of hotels and services, operation of fish farms, agricultural farms, manufacturing industries, needs of capital for the establishment of gasifiers, needs of improvement for the transport sector to increase travellers to the region, wider cultivation of tapioca in Myanmar as strategic crops of Mekong region, and expansion of oil mills with assistance from the government.
Discussions of Union ministers in relevant sectors
Union ministers discussed the improvement of the transport sector in the Ayeyawady Region, systematic ground inspection needed for upgrading of Pathein Airport, the development of oil mills, disbursement of loans at the soft interest rate, formation of cooperative societies, supply of inputs and quality seeds, encouragement to MSME businesses in regions and states, registration of industries in accordance with rules and regulations, eradication of illegal trade and legal export process without delay.

Encouragement for manufacturing based on local agricultural and livestock raw materials
In his speech, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing said that the government is encouraging micro, small and medium-scale enterprises for the economic development of the State. The majority of people in the region are engaged in agriculture and livestock farms, growing paddy and oil crops as well as breeding fish. Manufacturing the raw materials of both agriculture and livestock farms are businesses of MSMEs. By-products from these businesses can be used as feedstuffs in livestock farms.
Manufacturing needs to produce quality products. It is necessary to use raw materials from agriculture and livestock farms for production. If so, these businesses will create job opportunities for local people and contribute to regional development as well as the improvement of the socioeconomic life of the people. As local raw materials can be supplied to businesses continuously, it will help strong production. The amount of local circular money will increase and it will reflect the socioeconomic development of the people as well as the improvement of the State economy. Successfully implementing the MSME businesses will manage the import-substitute process and help export products to foreign countries and boom the State economy.
Cooperative system
Myanmar has exercised the cooperative system and some developed countries are still exercising the cooperative system. The cooperative system will improve the work process and the cooperative system must be implemented in Ayeyawady Region. If agricultural products have a higher per-acre yield, Ayeyawady Region will have remarkable development in the economic sector. Relevant townships and districts need to strive for the booming process to have many benefits.

Local beautifying and improvement of socioeconomic life
The government is carrying out the betterment of roads and bridges across the nation in order to ensure a smooth and swift flow of commodities and to develop the State economy. Although Pathein port admitted to docking ocean liners in the past, it cannot admit international vessels because the water course has silted up. A plan is underway to build the port in Ngaputaw to admit docking of ocean liners so as to develop the region and attract travellers.
With regard to electrification, solar power can be generated in Ayeyawady Region. The government will conduct research on using wind power soon. All must make efforts for a sufficient supply of electricity and they all need to join hands for the development of the region.
Encouragement of local production to develop the State economy
The Senior General stressed the need to strive for becoming an exporter country from an importer with manufacturing quality products to be exported to foreign countries. If the country sees a balance of income and spending, the nation will have economic development.
All citizens need to have a global perspective
Ayeyawady Region has abundant raw materials for manufacturing. In implementing the one-village-one-product scheme, efforts must be made for distributing the products to the domestic market and sending them to foreign markets. All citizens need to widen their scope of business knowledge in doing business with concerted efforts based on a global perspective.
The Senior General viewed the display of marine products, foodstuffs, personal goods, industrial products, traditional products and clothes and discussed the market potentials for these goods. — MNA/TTA

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