I no longer drink the bitter rainwater

By Maung Moe Thauk

We, people from almost all over the street, support mass protests. Some even took to the streets to support the protesters. Some even joined the protest. Every night, around 8 pm, the whole area was pounding loudly, and of course, I also had to participate.

In fact, our family is not interested in politics. Since we have nothing to do with the military or any other party, we have stayed peacefully since 1 February. After a few days, we found that our friends and neighbours seemed to have misread us.

With this thought, we strike pans every night like others, raise three fingers when meeting with people, applaud and encourage when the protesters come and have to participate in the protests.
There are people in the neighbourhood who do the same thing as us. Although different people have different beliefs, in this case, we have to have the same view. If not, it is not easy.

We agreed with the slogan, “We do not want a dictatorship, we want democracy”, as it is concerned by most of the public. But we do not agree with the slogans such as “Release our leaders”, “Don’t go to work, struggle to be free,” and the striking of pans at night because they are personal and physically and mentally disturbing the people with different opinions. Although not accepted, we had to go along with the crowds due to various reasons.

Young people are most often involved in street protests on a daily basis. That includes educated young people as well as those without primary education.

Young people are less fearful and less able to think because they have lesser life experience. They are more likely to be free, active, happy and adventurous. We had to go through a difficult and isolated time due to a year-long outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country over the months.

Use of political agenda

At that time, when a political change took place, it was immediately ignited as if it had caught fire. Instead of extinguishing the fire, the wind is blown, and the combustion is improved.
CDM is used as the best political platform in today’s political agenda. It is considered an effective block. As soon as someone signals on the social network, it is implemented.

There are mass protests, and many people are taking to the streets as if they were having a good time. With various demonstrations, it looks more like a democracy funfair than a protest. In any case, there is nothing wrong with them as they are protesting peacefully. Besides, it was found that the CDM strike, the two-quintuple strike involved by the general public and the Myanmar Traditional Thanaka strike were included.

Negative and violent consequences

While peaceful protests were conducted in a democratic manner by saying “Spring Revolution”, they were later turned into violent protests, which inevitably had unfortunate consequences.
Fighting on the front lines included young people from the area, and educated young people are mainly involved. At present, Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code is promulgated, and even peaceful protests are against the law. There were no significant problems during the peaceful demonstrations, but there were consequences when confrontational violence erupted.

The Buddha taught to do everything only when you think you are right with your own contemplation. No matter what the person says or whatever the case, true or false, good or bad, we have to accept which is right or wrong with our own thinking in order to have the best life.

After nearly a month of mass protests, unruly protests have occurred. I was quite upset to see the undisciplined happenings. There will be other people like me who drink bitter water, too. In today’s democracy, it is difficult to reveal the truth, and it is better to drink the bitter water.

No matter what the teacher says, no matter what the leader says, he or she must see things clearly, without personal prejudice. We need to accept what is right and not to do what is wrong. I do not prevent my fellow brothers and sisters to protest. However, I would like to say to participate after the consideration.

But right now, due to the push of politicians behind the scene, incitement of the people from abroad opposed the current government, there are some people who have involved emotionally with personal and emotional prejudices as well as there are also people like us who have to go along with the crowd. However, we are not associated with politic personally.

As the saying goes, “We have to drink the bitter rainwater when most do so” we have to go along with the most people whether we like it or not so that we are not against the crowd.

Once upon a time, it rained the bitter water in a country. Almost everyone in the country went crazy as they drank the bitter rainwater. According to astrology, the wise men, who knew in advance that there would be heavy rain, kept pure water and drank it to stay healthy. At that time, the people who drank the bitter water accused the wise men of being fools. Finally, the wise men decided to drink the bitter rainwater as most people did.

Justice has been tarnished!

Because the majority has agreed, we have changed our beliefs. If not, it will be considered an enemy. Democracy is being manipulated in politics.

In fact, in a democracy, power is not the truth. Justice is the truth. Justice has been tarnished, just like the clear water in the glass immediately changes colour. When a group shouts, many shout after them. When a group of people beat, many people follow beating. If a group of people block it, many people block it.

After nearly a month of mass protests, unruly protests have occurred. I was quite upset to see the undisciplined happenings. There will be other people like me who drink bitter water, too. In today’s democracy, it is difficult to reveal the truth, and it is better to drink the bitter water. But starting today, I no longer drink the bitter rainwater that most people do.


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