Implement the prevalence of law and order in civilized society

The word prevalence of law and order indicates the political situation as well as the actual nature of the social society but it does not refer to any specific laws and rules. In fact, the word on prevalence or law and order must be implemented by those from the society including the government and the people. This being so, the prevalence of law and order also reciprocally shapes the society how to march forward and how to grasp the trend of the future situation.
The words on the prevalence of law and order can be defined as in modern politics, law and order is the approach focusing on harsher enforcement and penalties as ways to reduce crime. A similar word on rule of law can also be defined as the political philosophy that all citizens and institutions within a country, state, or community are accountable to the same laws, including lawmakers and leaders.
The rule of law as well as the prevalence of law and order can divide civilized society from uncivilized society. There is no place for those wishing to commit crime anyhow in implementing the rule of law. Indeed, such an act of rule of law prioritizes safeguarding the lives of innocent people and organizations but combating unlawful and illegal persons and organizations. Hence, the prevalence of law and order and the rule of law are reliable for ordinary people. If so, the people can defy unfair and unjustified moves of persons and organizations outside the legal frameworks.
Civilizing society helps initiate the relations between persons as well as individual persons and the State under the prescribed laws. If a country is not placed under the rule of law, such a country will fall under illegal acts such as corruption. In a civilized society, the rule of law creates an equal chance for all citizens of the nation under the law and gives chances for them to enjoy fair judicial measures. If so, the citizens will be free from the impacts of legal bullying and manipulations.
Justice and social harmony based on the prevalence of law and order will reflect the morale of the people in the society. It brings the right to equality to society. If not, society will unavoidably face deterioration. To be able to overcome these hindrances, both the government and the people are to harmonize their functions to sustain the rule of law in perpetuity.


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