Industrial zones run generators despite high fuel prices


The industrial zones use generators to run their businesses despite the high fuel prices, said the business persons.
“We get the power under rotation system and we have to use generators in our businesses. Only when we have full electricity, the garment factories and power-based industries can run their businesses,” said a garment entrepreneur from Hlinethaya Township. Due to the rotated electrification system, most of the factories face hardship and use generators like before and they want regular power supply for the high fuel prices.
“We have to run the generator for five or six hours at least for one time. We have to use it to finish the order and not to reduce the workforce when there is a power outage. During the post-COVID-19 4th wave period, our meter box was revoked as we could not afford to pay the power meter bill,” said a jam business person.
The YESC announced that they conducted a reduction of load in Yangon for lower power generation and to balance the load.
The SMEs businesses such as small-scale garment industry and other manageable scale businesses can do their operations when there is power and they have to run generators when there is a power outage, said Ma Wai Mar, a Nay La Motor Garment factory owner from North Okkalapa Township.
“We cannot work well because of the frequent power outages. We want full power during the fixed period if they transmit under a rotation system. It is not OK for us as there are many power outages in our turn,” she said.
The YESC also released a statement that there will be temporary power cut-offs in Yangon and the power will be supplied normally when the power stations generate electricity as normal. The power grids connected with National power grids were also destroyed and it caused temporary system breakdowns. —TWA/GNLM

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