Insured workers in City Mart Holding Co Ltd receive over K150 million in social security allowance

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As a social security allowance, over K150 million were provided for insured workers from the City Mart Holding Co Ltd.
Financial benefits related to illness and maternity of insured workers and 40 per cent of social security allowance for the workers, who have been insured at the Township Social Security Branch (8) under the 2012 Social Security Law, a total of K151,693,281 was handed over to a departmental official.
It is also learned that more than K67,912 million were also provided for 1.6 million insured workers at the factories and workplaces which were temporarily closed during the COVID-19 period.
In implementing the social security project, the Social Security Board is providing healthcare and benefits for about 1.34 million insured workers in 116 townships with three workers’ hospitals, 78 branches, 96 township clinics, 58 departmental clinics, eight free service payment clinics with a PPS system, ten capitation payment clinics with a PPS system, one traditional medicine clinic and two mobile clinics. — TWA/GNLM

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