Jaggery prices rise post-Thingyan Festival

In the jaggery market, prices are turning upward, especially in Yangon, with NyaungU white jaggery K5,200 per viss and Yesagyo white K6,000 per viss.
The jaggery prices in the Yangon market dropped in early April, whereas the prices were high in late March. However, it returns increasing after the Thingyan Festival.
On 22 April, the prices were NyaungU white K5,200; Mahlaing jaggery K4,600; Pakkoku raw jaggery K4,600; and Yesagyo white K6,000. On 26-27 March, the jaggery prices were NyaungU white K5,800 per viss; Mahling jaggery K5,200; Pakkoku jaggery K5,500; and Yesagyo white K5,800. The prices turned downward on the days before the Thingyan Festival. On 6 April, NyaungU jaggery fetched K4,500, Mahlaing jaggery K4,000, Pakkoku raw jaggery K4,200 and Yasagyo white K5,500.
There are three toddy seasons within a year, known as male palm tree season, female palm tree season and late toddy season. Late April is entering the female palm tree season. Palm toddy production is better in the male and female palm tree seasons than in the late toddy season in Tawthalin month (September).
A jaggery consumer from Yangon’s Latha Township reported that jaggery in the retailed market fetches K2,500 per 25 ticals, although the wholesale price for jaggery is priced at K5,000 per viss.
Another jaggery consumer from Yangon’s Sangyoung Township also reported that she had to pay K1,000 for ten white NyaungU jaggery.
Toddy palm jaggery is a traditional Myanmar sweet that is served as a dessert after meals for good digestion, while some eat it together with leftover rice. — TWA/ TMT

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