Japan offers 186 demand letters to over 500 Myanmar migrant workers

The Myanmar Embassy in Tokyo released a statement on 30 November saying Japanese companies have offered 186 demand letters for 545 Myanmar migrant workers.
The migrant workers will be despatched by the licensed overseas employment agencies of Myanmar and the demand letters are sent by the Ministry of Labour to the embassy through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Therefore, the embassy verified the demand letters whether the labour supervision companies and recruitment factories/companies are officially established in Japan.
The embassy conducted the verification processes from 16 to 30 November and the findings on the letters were sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Between 1 and 15 November, the embassy also reviewed 224 demand letters and sent back their findings to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
There were only 3,000 Myanmar workers in Japan between November 2020 and 21 February 2021 and 105 local recruitment agencies despatched 9,627 workers between March and 22 November 2022, according to data from the Myanmar Overseas Employment Agencies Federation.
There are over 4,500 male workers and over 5,100 female workers in Japan. The Japanese government offers jobs for trained workers in construction, garment, agriculture, breeding, food processing, industries, and manufacturing and for workers skilled in 14 types of jobs such as caregiving, food industry and breeding sectors, according to the recruitment agencies. — TWA/GNLM

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