Kawthoung expected to draw more visitors than Myeik Archipelago during Thingyan

According to travel agencies, the number of visitors to the islands of Kawthoung is likely to be higher than the number of visitors to the Myeik Archipelago during this Thingyan period.
Moreover, the public interest is also high in major trips to Kawthoung Township, and the tours are fully booked.
“It is learnt that the visitors to Kawthoung will be high this year. The location is peaceful and provides the best services on private islands, aiming at attracting visitors rather than profits. The travel agents make bookings for air tickets in advance and arrange the two-way tickets and tours around the islands. It costs K2.5 million per head to NyaungOoPhee Island and Macleod Island, but the arrivals of visitors are on the rise,” said a travel agent.
The travel agencies offer tours to islands from Yangon during the Thingyan period K1.5million (Hotel, round ticket, food) per head for a two-night trip, K5million for a 10-people private night-stay trip from Myeik to Bailey island and Sparkling Bay.
“There is no one who makes bookings to visit the islands in Kyunsu township of Myeik District. There are only about ten people who made bookings for the Thingyan period. It can be said that tourism in the Myeik Archipelago is at a minus. We make preparations for services. Currently, people come for business purposes, and there are no visitors who are there for pleasure. For the current fuel prices, we can send the visitors with speed boats if the number of people is less than ten. It is K1.1 million for the Marcus island tour and K2.3 million for the Bailey Sparkling Bay tour,” said an official from the Myeik District Tourism Entrepreneurs Association.
Although there were over 40 travel companies in the Myeik archipelago, there are now about ten companies.
During the first week of April, the public interest in visiting Kawthoung is higher than in the tours to Kyunsu township in Taninthayi Region. The hotel bookings for tours in Kawthoung Township are fully reserved, while the bookings for tours in Kyunsu Township are declined. — Myint Oo (Myeik)/KTZH

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