Keep ourselves on right track before criticizing others

All incidents in the secular world are formed with right and wrong things. As all human beings do not have supernatural power, it cannot be denied that every incident is unable to be beyond the right and wrong things. It is a natural truth.
No matter how all events of the world cannot be different from the natural truth, everybody needs to review all things objectively. In so doing, they have to conduct everything in an in-depth analysis without bias. To be able to do so, they have deserved the capability to analyze these events.
First, every incident is based on the main theme. But everybody needs to verify the main theme whether it is confined or not. But those analysts must have a wide range of own knowledge and concept, perceptions and attitudes. If a railway does not have proper alignment, the train will derail from the route. Like this, capability is the most important for analysts.
If the analysts do not have the eligible capability to evaluate something, they never understand the comprehensive answer of such an event. If so, they may adopt the wrong decisions which will bring disadvantages to them along the analysis route. Consequently, the analysts may face something wrong in comparison with that of other persons. As such, they will embrace disputes and controversies with others. So, they never reach the right track because of their wrong concepts.
To have deserved capability, those analysts must accumulate a wider range of knowledge as well as the education they learned at the schools. They have to learn school education under the guidance of teachers. So, they have a chance to pursue knowledge, attitude and perception from their teachers. In their student lives, they have a chance to march towards the goal steered by teachers.
Only when they have the capability, good mindsets and good concepts, they can overview all events of the world without bias about what is really wrong or what is actually right. If they thoroughly understand the actual situation of the secular world, it can be said that they are qualified for marching forward on their own without relying on anyone.
Importantly, anyone holding up the bad concept will never face good experiences. If so, they will always see everything in a bad manner. Only when anybody understands things how to accept the good concept will they have the chance to embrace the good results of the secular world. As such, everybody needs to analyze themselves first before doing something.

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