Kengtung Haw Palace Replica Museum successfully inaugurated

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing gave guidance for reconstruction of Kengtung Haw Palace on request of relatives of Kengtung Saopha Sao Kawng Kiao Intaleng and residents.

A ceremony to inaugurate the already-built museum which is a replica of Haw Palace of Kengtung Saopha Sao Kawng Kiao Intaleng took place at the land of Haw Palace in Haw Palace Park on Nawngtong lake circular road in Ward 5 of Kengtung, Shan State (East) yesterday morning, with attendance of Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.
The Senior General, his wife Daw Kyu Kyu Hla and officials were welcomed by relatives of Kengtung Saopha Sao Kawng Kiao Intaleng, town elders and local people.
On the occasion, town elder U Sai Yi Tip Pawong expressed thanks and pleasure to the Senior General for his guidance to build Kengtung Haw Palace Replica Museum of Kengtung Saopha Sao Kawng Kiao Intaleng and it is a great auspicious day for emergence of the museum in Kengtung.
SAC Joint-Secretary Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo, Council members General Mya Tun Oo and Lt-Gen Nyo Saw, Shan State Chief Minister U Aung Aung and member of the Advisory Board to the SAC Chairman Dr Yin Yin Nwe cut the ribbon to inaugurate the museum.
The Senior General unveiled the stone plaque of the museum and then sprinkled scented water on it together with relatives of the Saopha.
The Senior General also presented cash awards to dance troupes, cultural groups and officials who took built the museum.
The Senior General, wife and party viewed round documentary photos of the Saopha, his family members and relatives, documentaries, utensils, and formation of rooms in the Haw Palace displayed at the museum. The Senior General discussed gathering of more historical documentaries, systematic preservation of ancient utensils, and installation of glass for partitions to systematically keep the documentaries.
Kengtung Saopha Sao Kawng Kiao Intaleng invited experts from India to build the Haw Palace in 1903 and it was completed in 1906. The building was decorated with Shan traditional and Myanmar architectural works influenced by European and Indian styles. It was the first-ever cement building in Kengtung.
Kengtung Saopha Sao Kawng Kiao Intaleng, his son Saopha Sao Kawng Tai and grandson Saopha Sao Sai Long and families lived in the Haw Palace till 1959. In 1962, the Haw Palace was used as the government office. According to the requests of the relatives of the Saopha and residents in 2021, construction of the building started under the guidance of the Senior General. Now, the building was successfully opened. Renovating historical buildings and religious buildings of national races show great historical traditions of the State and forge fraternity, trust, peace and stability and socioeconomic development of national races.
On arrival at Kengtung Airport, the Senior General heard reports on upgrading the airport by SAC member Union Minister for Transport and Communications General Mya Tun Oo and Director of Military Engineers Maj-Gen Zaw Naing Oo reported on brief history of the airport and upgrading process of the airport.
In his response, the Senior General said that upgrading of Kengtung Airport aims to make preparations for the future. At present, he continued that it is necessary to upgrade the airport to admit landing and taking off of jets.
The Senior General instructed officials to manage direct flights from Laos, China and Thailand to Kengtung Airport.
He underscored that upgrading the airport is purposed for development of tourism industry in Kengtung and contribution to socioeconomic development of the region and residents.
He gave guidance to facilitate the runway of the airport with necessary equipment for enabling aeroplanes to land at the airport in all seasons.
The Senior General inspected the site for new Kengtung Airport and upgrading of the runway and left necessary guidance.
On the evening of 10 May, the Senior General paid homage to 99 years old Presiding Patron of Kengyin Monastery Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotikadhaja Bhaddanta Khemacara and donated alms.
SAC members, Union ministers and deputy ministers also donated alms and offerings to the Sayadaw.
The Senior General instructed officials to conduct necessary maintenance for the monastery. — MNA/TTA

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