Khit Thit Media spreads falsehoods about armed conflict in Natogyi, Mandalay Region

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The malicious media outlet, Khit Thit Media, has disseminated false news accusing security forces of shooting two citizens during armed conflicts in Natogyi Township, Mandalay Region, on Tuesday.
The fake news report claimed that terrorists associated with the self-proclaimed People’s Defence Force (PDF) drone-bombed the Natogyi police station and an office under the Ministry of Construction. It additionally alleged that the security forces destroyed two drones and shot two residents to death in Ywagyi Village.
Officials in charge clarified that terrorists associated with PDF launched a heavy weapon attack on Natogyi from a location 500 metres southeast at 2:45 pm on Tuesday. Their weaponry fell and exploded between the Natogyi construction compound and the Myoma Basic Education High School, causing injury to a civilian who had come to pick up their child.
PDF terrorists are apparently attempting to conceal their actions by spreading misinformation through malicious media channels. — MNA/NT

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