Khit Thit subversive media accuses security forces of arson in Pandaichone village

The subversive media outlet Khit Thit fabricated stories, accusing the security forces of arson in residential houses in Pandaichone village, Pakokku Township, Magway Region, on 2 May.
According to a security officer in the area, the security forces were ambushed by terrorists while conducting security operations along the routes to Pandaichone village and Pakokku University. As a response, the security forces have intensified security measures, and it has been confirmed that the reported incident of setting fire to residential houses did not occur.
Malicious media networks are purposefully promoting and spreading fake news about incidents, aiming to intentionally mislead and frighten the public. This misrepresentation also distorts the image of the security forces, who are actively working to maintain peace and security in the area. — MNA/TKO

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