Korea EPS for Myanmar women offered for the first time

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The Republic of Korea will recruit Myanmar women to work in service industry under employment permit system (EPS) for the first time, according to the announcement by Public Overseas Employment Agency (POES-EPS).

In 16th TOPIK Test, 7th marking employment system which will be held in 2024, recruitment of Myanmar workers will be extended in the Republic of Korea’s service industry and both male and female are eligible to join the test. Women who would take the exam must complete basic high school level and can show the certificate of the completion of basic high school level in their online application.

As a preliminary, the submission of online application for EPS-TOPIK and Skills Test is scheduled from 4 to 10 March this year, and the exam will be held on 17 April. EPS-TOPIK will be held from 24Apirl to 26 July according to different kinds of works and EPS-TOPIK results will be released from 17 May to 5 August according to different kinds of works.

The EPS-TOPIK will include test on candidate’s Korean language proficiency, physical conditions and experience, especially those who have colour blindness and physical disability are not eligible to pass the exam.

Requirements are age between 18 and 39 and no criminal record, no ban on leaving the mother country to a foreign country, no exile or resent from the Republic of Korea (not a person who overstayed), and those who lived in the Republic of Korea over 5 years under E-9, E-10 visa are not eligible to take the exam and health test will be taken for those who are healthy and not colour blind.


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