Kyeeohn Kyeewa dam faces overflow of water

4295 sskm
Water flows out from spillway of Kyeeohm Kyeewa Dam in Pwintbyu Township.  Photo : Ye Win Naing

The water level of Kyeeohm Kyeewa dam in Pwintbyu Township of Magway Region exceed by 8 ft above the spillway due to the heavy rain in October. Currently, the water level gradually declines and is only 1.8 ft until the morning of 14 November, according to AE U Soe Tint of dam.
Pwintbyu Township has had lots of rain during this September and October and the water level exceeds above 340 ft of the water storage capacity and more than 8 ft over the spillway. The officials erect green flags for the locals regarding the water level and also express the situation via online daily.
Currently, the rain stops and there is no water flow into the dam and the exceed water level become lower day by day. Therefore, there is no serious situation for the people about the overflow of water. —Ye Win Naing/GNLM

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