Kyukok garlic, China’s potato prices on the rise

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The photo shows bags of Chinese potatoes.

Although the exported Kyukok garlic prices become high, the China potato prices are still falling, Ko Aung, a purchaser of potatoes and onions told The Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM).
The prices of China potato and Kyukok garlic were high at Bayintnaung market on 27 October due to the difficulties of transportation at border area, Ko Thein, seller of potato and Kyukok garlic from Yetama Street told the GNLM.
On 27 October, the wholesale price of Chinese potato was K1,700 per viss and the opening price was K1,800, reached K1,900/1,950 in the evening and K2,400 on the morning of 28 October.
Some decaying potatoes are included in the bags of potatoes and they are sent back to the Bayintnaung wholesale centre from countryside areas, said a merchant from the delta region.
A potato bag containing about 15 visses is priced over K20,000 and they are not easily sold, so they are sent back to the wholesale centre.
Some sellers select the fine potatoes out of the decaying ones and so the buyers have to carefully select the fine ones, said a potato purchaser.
Although most of the commodity prices hit record prices, the potato price reached only K3,000 per viss. It is about K2,000 per viss and reaches to K1,700 recently. The prices of Chinese potato and Kyukok garlic are rising due to the difficulties of transport at the border, said a purchaser.
On 10 July, the wholesale price of Shan Aungban potatoes was K2,800-K2,900-K2,950-K3,000 per viss while K2,900-K2,950 for Chinese potato, and only the potato prices are mentioned until now.
The Shan potatoes grown in March and April are dug out in August and September. The Para-Shan potato is grown in July and August and harvested in November and December. The Shan potatoes grown in January and February are harvested in April and May.
The Sinphyukyun potatoes are especially grown in October and November and harvested in January and February. — TWA/KTZH

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