Lacquerware businesspersons expect economic recovery in high season

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Some tourists started to visit Bagan temples in monsoon season. High season is coming up so tourism industry and lacquerware business are expected to raise its head again, lacquerware businesspersons shared their opinions.
In a bid to facilitate trade flow and help local tourism industry revive, the temporary suspension on international passenger flights were lifted from 17 April. Temples, pagodas, cultural heritage sites and other recreation destinations are also reopened in line with COVID-19 rules and regulations. The country has smooth flow of exports and imports and resumption of tourism industry at present.
Bagan cultural heritage zone, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was crowded with the homegrown visitors, allowing the locals to do a roaring business. It also helps ease the financial constraints during the COVID-19 pandemic. As Bagan and lacquerware business are coexisting, tourism recovery will generate business opportunities in Bagan cultural zone.
“Inflows of local travelers and tourists are peak during the Myanmar traditional festivals. Bustling trade is also seen at that time. During Thingyan holiday in April, domestic tourism grew unexpectedly and businesses relying on tourism industry boomed. The locals rarely purchase lacquerware. Nevertheless, tourists eye Myanmar arts and crafts. Therefore, lacquerware business is solely relying on the tourists. Small number of local visitors and tourists are witnessed in the zone at weekends. When tourism peak season comes, tourism industry will revive,” said U Maung Maung, chair of Myanmar Lacquerware Association.
There are 14 lacquerware big shops and many small shops working on a manageable scale in Bagan and NyaungU towns. Lacquer crafts are produced with the raw materials from the villages nearby and the business is passing down from old generations to future generations.
Approximately 100 types of lacquerware with creative designs are available in Bagan. Foreigners appreciates lacquer wine-cup, mug, lacquer bowl of small and large size, trays, container, box, souvenirs and other decorations with cultural presence of Bagan era. The prices of lacquerware ranged between K1,000 and K3 million.
Local visitors stimulated tourism industry and they enjoyed the long-awaited trips when Bagan temples are allowed for visit. More tourist arrivals are expected in the coming peak season by means of air travel, the lacquerware businesspersons predicted.—Nyein Thu (MNA)/GNLM

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