Lethwei is the most effective stand-up combat: Dave Leduc

Lethwei King Dave Leduc Photo NS
Myanma Lethwei Cruiserweight World Champion Dave Leduc.  Photo: Dave Leduc FB

Myanma Lethwei Cruiserweight World Champion Dave Leduc said that he loves Lethwei with all of his heart. He also spoke out that Lethwei is the most effective and brilliant stand-up combat on the planet.
“You can only understand, true, all-out stand-up combat once you’ve fought without gloves, all 9 limbs allowed, and no judges – KO to win. The art of Lethwei is the most effective stand-up combat on the planet, far superior due to fewer restrictions on striking and takedowns,” Dave Leduc said.
The Lethwei star also expressed his feeling about the brilliant combat.
“Let’s make it clear: Lethwei is the ultimate test for strikers. I don’t care how many belts you have in other stand-up disciplines. It won’t matter once you fight without your hand pillows, and you face a warrior looking for any opportunity to smash his skull against the soft tissues of your face. It’s another world.”
The Lethwei World Champion Dave has also accepted challenges from Muay Thai communities, and his fight against a Muay Thai fighter will be seen in the near future.
“The Muay Thai community is unaware of the ancestor of their sport. I understand Myanmar was hidden from the world for 60 years, but it’s time to set the record straight. Lethwei is not about being pretty or good looking, and it’s about inflicting damage.
That’s why I have accepted the offer presented to my team for the end of the year: Lethwei vs Muay Thai”, Dave Leduc added. —GNLM

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