Let’s join military service for peace, stability, prosperity of nation

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The basic mindset of every citizen anchored to patriotic spirit, love of nation and wishes to develop the country. However, only the stability and peace can bring growth to the country. Therefore, it needs powerful military might for public security. If a country boasts firm military might, they can curb the internal and external destructive elements and armed terrorists.
The State Administration Council released the notification to set date for People’s Military Service Law to come into force starting from 10 February 2024. Regarding the releasement, those want to deteriorate the State stability and malicious media have made various forms of criticism on social media, especially those do not want to serve duty of citizen, in other word, those with lack of patriotism mainly highlight to mislead the people. It is just nature of malicious media. But, the people may have critical thinking to consider for it.
Currently, the powerful countries are launching attacks against the small nations with weak defence under the guise of human rights, democracy and anti-terrorist activities. Then, they remove the government they do not like from the office, and install puppet government to manipulate as they wish. Therefore, only the nation with powerful military might can effectively deter interference of local insurgents and external elements. The solid defence services require public participation.

Exercise in international countries
In fact, the military service law is not existed only in Myanmar, but in many world countries. For example, the South-East Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Thailand, and the regional countries such as South Korea and Australia. Every citizen living in these countries have to report to their respective ward/village administers when they turn 18. If they fail to report in time, the authorities inform their parents.

Duty of every citizen
Section 385 of the Constitution of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar stipulates, “Every citizen has the duty to safeguard independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.” Section 386 mentions, “Every citizen has the duty to undergo military training in accord with the provisions of the law and to serve in the Armed Forces to defend the Union.”
The introduction of People’s Military Service Law mentions that “as every citizen is under a duty to safeguard the Our Three Main National Causes such as non-disintegration of the Union, non-disintegration of national solidarity and perpetuation of sovereignty, every citizen should undergo military training and to serve in the armed forces to defend the State.”

People’s Military Service Law
There are eight chapters in People’s Military Service Law. The Chapter (1) covers service term and age. All men aged 18-35 and women aged 18-27 must serve for up to two years, while technicians aged 18-45 men and 18-35 women must serve for three years. Being a citizen, two-year period to defend the country is just a fraction of time. They can achieve valuable experiences in their life by joining the services.

Since the time of independence struggle
It is reported that the people served the military service to defend the country in their respective towns and villages. For exactly, every citizen with patriotism joined BIA (Burma Independence Army). At that time, the members of BIA reached over 50,000 within six months due to heavy public participation. The overnight power growth of BIA was a shock to the Japanese. In fact, the Tatmadaw became powerful and regained the independence from the invaders.

Need to adopt militia strategy
After regaining the independence, Myanmar exercised militia strategy in fighting against local insurgents and Kuomintang troops. Therefore, the insurgents in delta region and Bago mountain range areas were eliminated.
Similarly, the PDFs and some EAOs are launching terrorist attacks to deteriorate the State stability in some regions and states including Sagaing Region and Kayah State. At that time, it needs to wipe out the terrorists with the participation of people, especially, the national military service is a must. In international countries, they mobilize rather than conscription if necessary.

Needs of cooperation
The only way to gather all the mighty resources of the country is the National Service. The National Service is a Long Term Plan to ensure the proportionate development of State security and development procedures. The public participation is required for the harmony of Economic Might and Military Might.

The militia strategy is a bridge between Tatmadaw and people. Therefore, the People’s Military Service Law can strengthen the connection between Tatmadaw and people more. The People’s Military Service Law can increase Deterrence Power against conflicts including traditional and non-traditional threats.
Moreover, it will able to show off the abilities to defend the country and also for people protection and security measures. If so, the strategy to disrupt the enemy will be successful and it will also gain the ability to curb the fighting. Moreover, it can create a proper condition for State security, especially, all the citizens are eligible for military service and so it is sure that the military-civilian relations will be better. Moreover, it can balance the economic-building and defence-building.
The enactment of People’s Military Service Law is for the State security and all the citizens …like a saying …A wish to see the son carrying a pot of gold on way back home. Currently, the terrorists influence in some places due to the internal and external destructive elements. After all the citizens have completed the military training, those threatening the state peace and stability would be eliminated. Consequently, the people can stay peacefully and the children can study happily. The development programmes will be also implemented. Moreover, it can promote the patriotism and accelerate the desire to defend the country, especially, to establish national spirit and national unity among the young people. All the citizens are responsible to defend the country as only Tatmadaw is not responsible to do so. Therefore, all the citizens, who are responsible to safeguard the Our Three Main National Causes, should proudly join the military service to ensure the State stability.

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