Let’s overcome shortages of fresh water in the coming summer


Summer will be coming soon. At a time when summer falls, some parts of the country will face shortages of water. Hence, not only the authorities but local people need to overcome the challenges of water shortages.
As climate change extends in the world gradually, the total volume of freshwater declines. Hence, millions of global people are facing shortages of safe and healthy drinking water for daily life. As such, the World Health Organization expressed its remarks, saying that some a half of the global population may face diseases based on water in 2025; and many parts of developing countries may encounter water requirements in 2030.
An individual person needs to drink some three litres of water on a daily basis for maintaining the health conditions to be healthy and fit body structures. Sufficient consumption of water can contribute much to the daily functioning of inside organs such as the heart, kidney and muscle. Consequently, water consumption lessens tiredness and exhaustion and health disorders as well as improvement of happiness, good digestion and adjusting the body weight.
Actually, more than 70 per cent of the population is residing in rural areas. The majority of those rural people are suffering the shortages of fresh water in summer yearly. Hence, relevant government departments are sinking tube wells and building earthen lakes for the supply of fresh water and storage of water.
Everybody understands they need to efficiently use the water because freshwater is essential for the daily consumption of the people and agricultural purposes. Such utilization directly affects the daily lifestyle of the people as well as indirectly reflects environmental conservation. So, everybody needs to take care of their behaviours not to harm society in addition to the environment. Only when the environmental conservation is functioning properly will the climate change itself gradually extend the coverage areas of favourable weather.
In accord with a Myanmar saying goes: “Water can cover a morning for life of living being”, the water is invaluable for all the persons. Everybody needs to beware of systematic consumption of water without waste in daily life. That is why people in Myanmar should supply fresh water to those from the water scarcity areas as valuable support because they all are national brethren sharing their future altogether. Let’s defy shortages of water as solvable challenges in the summer for all!

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