Let’s pledge to march towards a peaceful and prosperous society


Now, the New Year comes in whereas the old year went out.
Like the old leaves are substituted with new ones, the old year is to bid farewell with conscience and the New Year is also greeted with a conscience to perform good deeds as well as meritorious deeds but evil acts.
Today is significant for the World New Year leaving the old year of 2021 and marching onward New Year 2022. As everybody wishes to win the victory in all measures they do in line with the nature of humans, prominent members of the Sangha disseminate the ways of winning the victory as a Dhamma gift on the New Year occasion.
State leaders and prominent persons sent New Year messages to the people as a gesture of hailing the New Year. They all pray good things and good doings for the people to welcome the New Year.
People from all walks of life need to leave the measures related to the old year with keen preparations to march forward for meeting the goal. They need to review and analyze the past things they did. Depending on the results from the analysis, they all have to seek the best way to the goal without derailment from the missions and visions.
Venerable members of the Sangha expressed their New Year wishes for all living beings to enjoy their physical and mental wellbeing with happiness, pleasure and pleasantness. Those members of the Sangha disperse the compassion in various ways for being peaceful in society.
On the occasion of New Year Day, all the people should disperse Metta (compassion), perform good deeds called Dhamma, make donations as Dana and spoke words of truth called Saccavaca kept in their souls to secure the victory.
If loving-kindness prevails among the creatures including human beings, the world and the people will be at peace. All the people in the world make use of the 11 ways of cultivating loving-kindness for health, peace, and love in the New Year.
Let’s change our mindsets to improve ourselves, our society and our land. Let’s pray for our country to ripen fruits of peace, stability and prosperity on the occasion of New Year 2022 whereas the people have the chance to enjoy the fruits of development.

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