Licence to be issued to agencies handling labour issues in foreign countries

Myanmar workers are seen travelling to Thailand through the border route thanks to the bilateral MOU. PHOTO: ASH

The Ministry of Labour is in the process of issuing foreign employment brokerage agency licences only to the agencies that can solve labour issues that arise in foreign countries, according to the overseas employment supervision committee.
If labour issues arise in foreign countries, the responsible agencies need to provide full protection. To prevent nominal agencies and agencies from operating illegally, only agencies that are truly accountable and able to operate are being verified to be licensed.
In addition to this, the two sides of Thailand-Myanmar have negotiated for Myanmar workers who have completed four years of the MoU in Thailand to return to work through the MoU U-turn system.
Preparation of despatch procedures is underway with the MoU U-turn system. Thailand is the country where most Myanmar workers go to work. By sending these workers back through an official MoU U-turn system, the family remittances of these workers will be able to be sent back to the mother country through an official route, which will increase the country’s foreign income.
Besides, workers who have completed the MoU four-year passport renewal at the Myanmar Embassy in Thailand will be issued an OWIC card if they re-enter Myanmar and leave through the MoU U-Turn system.
Workers holding a PJ passport and renewing their passports will have to verify their information and issue an OWIC card at the Labour Skill Training Institute in Dagon Myothit (North) Township upon departure after re-entering Myanmar.
Similarly, plans are being made for Myanmar workers to remit 25 per cent of the basic salary to the family through the official banking system. — ASH/KZL

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