Line-up of cars waiting at filling stations cause heavy traffic jams

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Cars are pictured queuing for fuel oil at the petrol station in Sangyoung Township.

The cars have been queuing at petrol stations as people think local fuel prices will be higher, and such cases caused traffic jams near fuel stations on 22 October.
Regarding financial rumours on 21 October night, the exchange rate became unstable and people worry over the higher prices of foreign products including fuel prices.
Commencing on 22 October, there were line-ups of cars waiting at fuel stations causing heavy traffic jams and it also ran out of fuel stocks at petrol stations.
The Supervisory Committee on Oil Import, Storage and Distribution of Fuel, Ministry of Commerce and MPTA officials conducted a coordination meeting regarding that case.
The six oil tankers unloaded 15.78 million gallons of 92 Ron, 4.15 million gallons of 95 Ron, 3.54 million gallons of Diesel and 5.26 million gallons of Premium Diesel at Thilawa Port on 22 October. Fuel oil tankers also get into Thilawa Port in October and the country has sufficient fuel oil until the end of November, officials announced.
On 22 October, it was K1,985 per litre of 92 Ron, K2,075 per litre of 95 Ron, K2,580 per litre of diesel and K2,665 per litre of premium diesel. — TWA/GNLM

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