Livestock dept adopts Unit Plan to boost meat, dairy production

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The Unit Plan project is underway for the expansion of cattle and buffalo farming in Yangon Region.   photo : kanu

The Yangon Region Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department implements the Unit Plan project for the expansion of cattle and buffalo farming in the region to increase milch cows and beef cattle in the region.
The slaughterhouses in Sinmalaik and Ywathagyi Kill about 300 cows for daily consumption of meat and the Insein and Tamway milk markets distribute the milk for export and local consumption.
The department adopted the Unit Plan starting April 2022 and allocated 100 cattle to Mingaladon and Thongwa townships respectively to increase to 200 cattle per year. The plan will be implemented in Taikkyi and Hmawby townships in October.
The department also grants a one-year loan to chicken/pig/duck farmers and a three-year loan to cattle/buffalo farmers at low-interest rates under the Myaseinyaung livestock sector using revolving State budget funds. The farmers who breed about 300 cows under Unit Plan can get a K30 million loan and they are urged to participate in the Myaseinyaung livestock sector.
The beef cattle are marketable after three years and so it makes more profits as it saves the costs of feed for two years compared to five years of breeding previously. The brahman, Shweni, Pyasein, and Indo-Brazil are the beef cattle and Jersey and Friesian are dairy cattle.
It can breed 10 cows per acre and so there will be difficulties regarding the pastures. There are over 140,000 beef cattle and about 3,000 heads per month in the Yangon region. Therefore, the beef cattle can disappear from the market in the long run and it can rely on the ones from Bago and Ayeyawady regions. The department implement such a Unit Plan to improve dairy and beef cattle farming in the region. — Nyein Thu(MNA)/GNLM

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