Livestock products prices likely to go up as feed prices incessantly increase

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Machinery is being used in producing feedstuff.

The prices of livestock-based products are likely to go up as the feed prices are increasing incessantly, according to Mawlamyine commodity depot.
Most of the livestock businesses in Mon State have suffered losses due to decrease of consumption since the first wave of COVID-19, and rising feed prices since February.
With rising prices of feedstuff from K24,000 to K32,500 per bag, the production cost have risen, likewise the product prices have also mounted.
Besides, the livestock- based products have climbed slightly since the second week of July due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and the need for medical nutrition.
On 30 July, the price of chicken egg rose to K130 per one while the duck egg jumped to K150 per one. Besides, the price of chicken has risen to K50,00 per viss (1.6 kilogrammes or 3.6 pounds).
The price of house chicken eggs has also significantly increased K600-K800 per one.
The price of livestock- based products has mounted. This is not because of the wholesaler, but because of rising prices in local retail market.
The National Enlightenment Institute (NEI) finds out that the chicken egg in the retail market is ranging K180-K200 per one.
The price of livestock-based products is likely to rise if the feed price continuously mounted. Consequently, the livestock entrepreneurs may be difficult to stand for any further in their livestock industry.—NN/GNLM

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