Local elephant foot yam products upgraded for export to China, Japan


It is reported that local elephant foot yams are produced as high-value products to export to China and Japan through the seaway.
The elephant foot yam powder, dried and flesh are available in the market and the raw yams are produced as dried and exported to China and India mainly. Besides, the yam powders are exported to Japan as one tonne for US$500-US$600. The dried yam is sold as one viss, 63/68 kilogrammes, and 25 kilogrammes packages to foreign countries. At the current market, the dried elephant foot yams are sold at K10,000 per one viss and the yam powder is K13,000 per viss. The elephant foot yams produced in Myanmar are high in foreign demand and they are used as industrial raw materials not only in food products but also in products of pharmacy, cosmetics, paper, glue, textile, dye painting, and offshore oil exploration. — TWA/ TRKM

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