Management Course No 9 of Civil Service Academy (Upper Myanmar) for Executive-Level Officials—By Executive-9 Group

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The trainees of the Management Course No 9 for Executive-Level Officials are pictured at the Civil Service Academy (Upper Myanmar).

The Civil Service Academy, Upper Myanmar (CSA-UM), which is located near Zeebingyi village, PyinOoLwin Township of Mandalay Region, is a great learning opportunity for the staff who are working in Government services. The Union Civil Service Board (UCSB) manages the CSA-UM. The CSA-UM offers a level-wise training programme including the Management course for executive-level officials. The CSA-UM has been set up to include management aspects of the teachings of administration and governance. The CSA training courses have also developed, through successive generations, in line with Government Servants’ conduct – Rules of Myanmar. The CSA-UM provides courses promoting the trainees to become good service personnel with patriotic spirits, who dutifully perform their tasks in administrative, economic and social matters of the country.
We, altogether 22 participants from different ministries are attending the Management Course No 9 for Executive-Level Officials at the CSA-UM from 25 April to 17 June 2022.
The CSA-UM has been providing interesting modules such as Information and Communication Technology, Management Studies, Economics, English, Law, Political Science, Social Science, and other valuable topics from ministries as well as knowledgeable topics from visiting experienced lecturers to trainees and produced qualified staff. To promote the quality of staff, the CSA-UM is working with different ministries, retired officials, and visiting knowledgeable lecturers and advisors from respective areas. The CSA-UM has been making efforts to improve the quality of executive levels, by encouraging experienced and learned teachers, and online teachings. The CSA-UM has encouraged the executive-level officials to develop organizational development and to identify ways and means for effective administration, as well as good governance, research, creative working environment, attitudes and practices of the staff, e-library, documents and record keeping. As a part of support to implement the above activities, the CSA-UM is promoting critical thinking skills. The Rector of CSA-UM gave necessary suggestions for holistic perspectives of Administration and Management. During the training period, as an innovative idea, we submitted Strategic Power Thinking in the context of Myanmar for the National Development in the 21st Century: Integrated Ideal Power. A new concept – Integrated Ideal Power (IIP) – is the combination of four powers which include soft power, hard power, smart power and just power. In this set of combinations, smart power plus just power is the special issue of IIP. Smart Power consists of Soft Power and Hard Power. The concept of just power holds that State power needs to be employed in accordance with basic principles of justice at all times. This needs to be done not necessarily for moral reasons, but because it is the only sustainable way to promote national interests and achieve national security.
We can apply these four powers as an Integrated Ideal Power in the context of Myanmar for the National Development in the 21st century in line with the policies of the State Administrative Council.
In conclusion, the Management Course No 9 for Executive-Level Officials of the CSA-UM was an auspicious training for executive-level officials and acknowledged and appreciated all teachers who actively participated in our course No 9 and energetically contributed to the progress of the CSA-UM.

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