March towards building a Union based on democracy and federalism


E mbarking on the journey to construct a Union grounded in democratic principles and federalism, the government has initiated a system that encapsulates the concerns voiced by various ethnic groups. The foundation of this Union is deeply rooted in the constitution, with a steadfast commitment to Our Three Main National Causes, which serve as the bedrock for the nation’s progress.
It is imperative for all citizens to refrain from actions that could jeopardize the integrity of a nation meticulously crafted under the auspices of democracy and federalism. The nation’s resilience lies in addressing all issues through political means, thereby safeguarding the interests of both specific regions and the entire country. The onus falls upon every ethnic group to cultivate enduring peace through political channels, fostering mutual respect, understanding, and trust to facilitate the comprehensive development of the Union.
In the current global landscape, powerful nations seek to exert control over smaller counterparts through a blend of military and political influence. Recognizing these external pressures, it becomes paramount for every ethnic community to preserve the Union’s essence for its sustained existence, embodying the spirit of unity.
Presently, internal ethnic armed factions and disruptive elements, both domestic and foreign, instigate unrest and violence in various regions. These acts are often fuelled by foreign powers indifferent to Myanmar’s interests. The repercussions are dire, resulting in loss of life, depletion of resources, and the affliction of local communities. In the face of these challenges, it is crucial for all citizens to unite in safeguarding the nation from multifaceted dangers.
A collaborative effort involving the government, Tatmadaw, and the populace is imperative to establish peace, stability, and the rule of law. It is incumbent upon everyone to comprehend the gravity of the situation and work collectively to propel the country forward without regressing. Solidarity among the citizens is essential to thwart external threats and uphold the nation’s integrity, ensuring a secure environment free from harm.
All individuals must meticulously evaluate events and external influences on Myanmar by powerful nations. Striving to extricate themselves from the grip of larger countries in all aspects, the people must enhance their standing in the international community while upholding the Union’s perpetuity. By embracing the Union spirit, the entire ethnic populace can contribute to the shared objective of constructing a Union firmly grounded in democratic principles and federalism.

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