Media council releases statement urging to follow journalism ethics

The Myanmar Press Council released a statement saying they condemn the actions that affect the sovereignty of the country including local and international peace yesterday.
The statement said the media council issued a statement on 10 June to prevent from spreading of fake news as the four estates of the country are making efforts for stability, rule of law and community peace.
Some of the unlicensed local media outlets, international news agencies and foreign embassies expressed false information regarding the fire outbreak in Kinma Village of Pauk Township of Magway Region that occurred on 15 June, it read.
It also said the official news media provided the perfect information with video footages and such negative doings to spread the fake news by violating the News Media Law of Myanmar will not be a supportive measure in a process of reform.
Some of the media outlets and embassies intentionally spread the fake news to support certain world organizations in putting pressure timely on the internal affairs of Myanmar.
The statement also urged the local/foreign news agencies and international organizations to follow international media ethics. — MNA

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