Medical expert U Zaw Wai Soe illegally appointed as minister by himself raises anxieties among people living in peace via online intimidating speech

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The people living in peace are working for the uplift of their living standards on a daily basis while striving for improvement of all sectors such as health, education and economy.
Intimidation talks spread on social networks by medical expert U Zaw Wai Soe, who did not perform medical treatment and was illegally appointed as minister by himself, to attempt to cause public panic with anxieties in daily life.
Despite focusing on the lives of the people by applying his medical knowledge, medical expert U Zaw Wai Soe committed the following acts to deteriorate the country similar to that of terrorists.
U Zaw Wai Soe committed intimidation acts against public service personnel who did not join the CDM activity. So he persuaded them to join CDM without fail on one hand. As good public service personnel are conscientiously serving the duties without accepting his incentives and intimidation, he talked about threats to the people’s lives.
The people are requested to collectively denounce terror acts, including threats of politically extremist NLD members and supporters, inform the relevant security organizations about the news of terrorists and participate in arresting those terrorists in order to ensure peace and stability of the State. — MNA

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