Mid-Year Gems Emporium 2023 goes into sixth day

The 2023 Mid-Year Gems Emporium entered its sixth day at the Maniradana Jade Hall in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.
Local and foreign merchants examined the displays of jade lots within the hall and uncut jade lots outside the hall, commencing in the morning.
Throughout the exhibition, a total of 4,045 jade lots were sold through an open tender system. A total of 750 jade lots were successfully purchased through an open tender system by local and foreign merchants during yesterday’s exhibition, with 601 jade lots being sold.
A total of 753 jade lots were on display for the seventh day of the exhibition, where they were inspected by local and foreign merchants, and bids were placed in the tender box.
Officials closed the bidding for the 753 jade lots at 3 pm. The tender boxes will be opened, and the sale of jade lots will be announced at 8 am on 26 October.
In the exhibition, a total of 300 pearl lots were successfully sold, and 73 gem lots out of 160 gem lots were sold from 21 to 22 October, with a total of 702 jade lots being sold out of 750 jade lots on the fifth day of the exhibition.
The remaining jade lots will continue to be available for purchase at the Maniradana Jade Hall in Nay Pyi Taw up to 28 October. — MNA/ MKKS

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