MIFER holds 46th Friday Talk


The 46th Friday Talk of the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations was held in the hybrid system. Directors from the region and state Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) presented and discussed the matter of the investments and conditions to be carried out in the future.
The DICA deputy director-general presented prospects for Myanmar investment and the sectors for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Myanmar citizens investment.
The deputy minister discussed the country’s development to ensure the duties and responsibilities of respective staff, development ideas, and regional development concepts; overall, the staff need to understand and review departments and the nature and development activities of the ministry.
The Union minister highlighted that the practical implementation, investment, national, and regional plans need to connect each other and penetrate investors with finance, property, and technology, urging them to access the investment sector for national development.
Afterwards, the Union minister took lunch with all MIFER staff members.
With the aim to develop human resources and improve staff members’ capacity, with the topic “Seminar on International Development Cooperation for Developing Countries (Myanmar)” conducted, Union Minister Dr Kan Zaw attended and delivered the opening remarks.
The Union minister expressed that international aid and assistance are needed for developing countries. The People’s Republic of China leads to sharing physical and practical knowledge with developing countries, and seminars and workshops are held to develop international programmes with all countries. He underscored that today’s topics discussed Myanmar-China Cooperation benefits and urged all participants to participate actively in the discussions.
Daw Cho Zar Hlaing, Deputy Director of Union Minister Office presented the topic on “Seminar on International Development Cooperation for Developing Countries (Myanmar)”. The deputy minister and attendees then openly discussed matters related to international cooperation for developing countries, the National Agenda and the Global Development Agenda.
The deputy minister, directors-general, officials, and staff members, totalling nearly 120 persons, actively participated in the event. — MIFER

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