Military tribunal to take effective action against terrorists in Mindat

The military tribunal will be convened to try perpetrators of the terrorist attacks and those who encouraged the violence and crimes under the existing laws in Mindat Township of Chin State.
The Martial Law Order was issued on 13 May to promote the rule of law and regional peace more effectively in Mindat when the terrorist attacks and violence were escalated, although administration officials, department officials, elders of the town and religious leader discussed peace and the rule of law in the region.
On 14 May, security forces were attacked on the way to Mindat by about 1,000 rioters with guns and homemade mines, causing six vehicles were destroyed by fire, and some soldiers were killed and disappeared.
During a total of 5 attacks on the security forces on Matupi-Mindat road, one man was dead, and one percussion lock firearm and four homemade mines were confiscated.
In addition to the armed attacks on security forces, the terrorists opened fire to the Myanma Economic Bank and the Township Police Station. They abducted two assistant engineers from the Mindat District Electricity Office on 12 May.
Terrorists contacted the illegal CRPH and formed the illegitimate Public Administration Council intending to undermine the security and safety of the region. It is reported that security forces will work day and night for the peace and security of the town with the cooperation of the residents, and violators of crimes to be tried by the military tribunal will be taken effective action under the existing laws. – MNA

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