Min Than-Moung Hlaw Bridge project completes 30%

The Bridge Department of the Ministry of Construction implemented the Min Than-Moung Hlaw Bridge project in Taninthayi Region, and now it completes 30 per cent of operation, according to Bridge Task Force (4) of the department.
As Myeik District is made up of many islands, the residents of Kyunsu Township which is located in Myeik District, rely on the sea route for transportation. Therefore, the government constructs Min Than-Moung Hlaw Bridge that links Kyunsu to Myeik townships. The project is implemented at the cost of K13.65 billion, including K1.41 billion for approach road construction. A total of 14 skilled engineers and 60 labourers are working on the construction site.
The 2,100 feet (640 metres) long bridge is 22 feet (6.70 metres) wide while the water clearance of the bridge is 164 feet (50 metres) in width and 26 feet (8 metres) in height. It can withstand 75-tonne loads. It also comprises 21 spans and is built of Bored Piles with RC Concrete. The upper part of the bridge will be constructed with R.C Girder, PC Birder, Steel Box Girder and RC Slab.
Currently, the foundation and pile construction work are completed by 70 per cent and the engineers will erect the piers and construct the abutment on the side of Moung Hlaw and conduct the concrete beams installation and deck paving the coming 2021-2022FY, according to the Bridge Task Force (4).
The people living in the villages of Kyunsu Township have to use the private ferries and boats to Myeik Township. As the strong monsoon generates strong winds and waves, the government constructs the new bridge. Upon completion, it will benefit the residents regarding their health, education, social and economy.
The project was implemented on 1 December 2018 and slated for completion in 2023-2024FY, according to the ministry. — Pwint Thitsar/GNLM

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