Minimize disposing of plastic waste in the environment

The National Waste Management Strategy and Master Plan for Myanmar (2018-2030) adopted six visions for shaping a zero-waste society.
The strategy and the master plan adopted six goals: Extending sound waste collection service to all citizens and eliminating uncontrolled disposal and open burning as the first step towards environmentally sound waste management; Extending sustainable and ecologically sound management of industrial and other hazardous wastes; Substantively prevent waste through 3Rs and thereby establish a circular resource society: Ensure sustainable financing mechanisms: Awareness raising, advocacy and capacity building, and Compliance, monitoring, enforcement and recognition.
Global people dispose of some 300 million metric tonnes per year, about a half of which is the single used products made of plastics. Plastic products can be recycled for new ones, but most of them are disposed of.
A few volumes of this waste can be incinerated. The majority of plastic waste is spreading across the environment, causing water and soil pollution due to the waste of plastic products.
According to reliable statistics, some eight million MT flow into the oceans on a yearly basis, threatening the life of water creatures. Fish may eat micro-plastic particles which come out from the decayed plastic products in the water. Again, humans may eat such kinds of fish. Consequently, the particles of micro-plastic products may reach the stomach of humans.
Myanmar is weak in waste management across the world, based on global statistics. Myanmar disposes of 0.46 million MT per year, some 0.1 million MT of which reaches the seas. As there are many weaknesses in policy, rules and regulations, budget and technology, Myanmar cannot secure the achievement in solving the problems and harmful impacts of disposing of the plastic waste.
As such, the government decided to draw the action plan of the National Waste Management Strategy and enhance the capacity for waste management during the period from 2021 to 2023 in order to polish the image of Myanmar in the international community.
Actually, the man who matters most is the best solution for solving all problems. High knowledge awareness of the people and their disciplinary acts plays a crucial role in the waste management measure. Only when the people raise their participation and cooperation in the reduction of using plastics, and recycling and reutilizing of plastic products, will the implementation of the Waste Management Strategy and Master Plan achieve success in the work process.

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