Ministerial Meeting of Least-Developed Countries takes place in Bhutan

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The online LDC Ministerial Meeting in progress.

Bhutan, host country of UNFCCC and LDC, presided over the Ministerial Meeting of Least-Developed Countries online yesterday. The meeting was attended by Union Minister U Khin Maung Yi of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation and other Environmental Ministers and Superior Officials of 46 member countries.
Foreign Affairs Minister of Bhutan Dr Tandi Dorji and other leaders respectively made opening speeches. Then, the ministers of LDCs discussed the objectives and priorities to be highlighted at the November 26th Conference of the Parties (COP-26).
At the event, the Union Minister said it is very important for the LDCs to cooperate in combatting climate change as it is a major threat to socio-economic development and survival together with the spread of COVID-19. The NDC of Myanmar that aims for agriculture, forest, land management, renewable and energy-saving sectors has been submitted to UNFCCC. As one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change, climate resilience and adaptation are the priorities of the country. The developed countries should contribute $100 billion yearly to carry out climate change projects starting 2020, provide assistance for the losses due to climate change and, implement the poverty reduction and long-term sustainable fund.
The Union Minister also added that the country totally agrees with the Thimphu Call for Ambition and Action and expressed hopes that the meeting would expose the main objectives of LDCs in the coming COP-26.
The meeting also focused on the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting global temperature at 15.C, annual $100 billion contributions, capacity-building and technical support, NDC of LDCs, improvement of climate resilience, sufficient fund for the impacts of severe weather conditions, drafting of carbon market rules, carbon emission and net-zero emission in 2050 and proposals for COP-26. — MNA

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