MNHRC inspects 18 prisons, 4 jails, 17 prison camps, 25 police station cells and 3 court cells in 2022

The Myanmar National Human Rights Commission announced on 3 February that the commission inspected 18 prisons, four jails, 17 prison camps, 25 police station cells and three court cells in 2022.
In 2022, the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission received 229 complaints, and the investigation team held 32 meetings and scrutinized these complaints.
It is reported that there are 39 cases of notifying relevant government departments and organizations for verification, 47 cases of making recommendations to the complainant, and 143 cases of keeping records.
The 143 of the recorded complaints are cases pending before any court under the commission law and pending appeals or corrections against the judgment of any court.
The statement says that cases that have been finalized by a court and complaints that do not conform to the characteristics of complaints and complaints that have been processed in line with the Commission’s procedures are complaints that do not require further action, so the record is kept in an orderly manner.
Under Section 43 of the Commission Law, the MNHRC inspects whether the people who are in prison or those who are in custody are being cared for with humanitarian aid under international provisions related to human rights and domestic laws in line with COVID-19 prevention instructions issued by the Ministry of Health.
In 2022, 18 prisons, four jails, 17 prison camps, 25 police station cells, three court cells, five youth training schools, one childcare centre, one nursing home and five disabled youth training schools were inspected.
The commission also, in 2022, met prisoners in prisons, detention camps and police station cells, and examined whether there was compliant with Article 41 of the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission’s Legal Procedures, and “Compliance with the minimum standards for the treatment of prisoners established by the United Nations”.
The commission inquired about the availability of facilities that should be available for prisoners in the dormitories and individual prisoners, as well as healthcare and drinking water conditions.
In addition, the commission met prisoners in their dormitories and inquired about their living conditions, asked if they were tortured and if prison materials are fully received, and recorded if they had the equipment they deserve.
A total of 239 prisoners who wish to meet individually were interviewed and recorded by the inspection team.
The Myanmar National Human Rights Commission is investigating the complaints and inspecting prisons and detention centres to investigate human rights violations.
As such, the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission stated that measures to ensure that complainants are not retaliated against are notified under Section 38 of the Commission Law. — TWA/KZL

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