MoE Union Minister inspects No 1 Oil Refinery (Thanlyin)

Union Minister for Energy U Ko Ko Lwin inspected the No 1 Oil Refinery (Thanlyin) yesterday.
During the visit, the Union minister talked about the resumption of suspended plants for various reasons while the government carries out to promote the local manufacturing sector and the impacts of the suspension of factories like chemical plants.
He underscored that all should try hard to resume the operation of such factories and find solutions to reduce waste and produce value-added products. International refineries transform over 90 per cent of raw materials into finished products.
The state-owned oil refineries produce only three per cent of local consumption and the rest are imported from foreign countries. It also needs to explore oil and natural gas to meet the county’s needs and produce value-added products through systematic refining of oil and gas for commercial purposes.
Moreover, it also establishes new oil refineries and repairs the existing ones, and there should be a target to be able to establish a petrochemical complex and the international companies will be invited to ensure the technologies and investment. He then urged the staff to be well-versed in refining and fertilizer production processes, share their skills and conduct research and development.
He also met staff and their families at the training school of the plant, highlighted the plans for the welfare of staff, and gave necessary instructions. — MNA/KTZH

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