MoH Union Minister inspects Taikkyi Township People’s Hospital

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Union Minister for Health Dr Thet Khaing Win inspects medicines and medical equipment stored in Taikkyi People’s Hospital in Yangon Region, on 19 May.

Union Minister for Health Professor Dr Thet Khaing Win conducted an inspection of Taikkyi Township People’s Hospital at 9 am yesterday. Accompanying him were the Director-General of the Medical Services Department, the rector of Yangon General Hospital and officials.
Initially, the Union minister examined progress of a two-storey patient ward built by the special construction task force (2). Following this, he inspected the laboratory, X-ray building, Department of Dentistry, operation theatre, and medical stores.
Additionally, the Union minister held a meeting with health staff from the Department of Public Health of Taikkyi Township at the hospital’s meeting room. He urged the staff to collaborate and support the community’s healthcare needs through the special plan in order to reduce mortality rate, fully coverage of immunization, functions of rural health branches to help pregnant mothers to give birth, organizing local people to receive medical treatment, and stressing the importance of providing necessary resources for improved treatment. — MNA/ TRKM

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