MoI UM inspects Myanma Agricultural Machinery Factory in Kyaukse

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Union Minister for Industry Dr Charlie Than views machine parts of agricultural machinery in Kyaukse yesterday.

Union Minister for Industry Dr Charlie Than, accompanied by Mandalay Region Chief Minister U Myo Aung and party, inspected the Myanma Agricultural Machinery Factory in Kyaukse, Mandalay Region, yesterday.
The factory manager explained the research and development process of paddy transplanting machines. The Union minister emphasized the importance of farming equipment since Myanmar is an agricultural country. Besides, producing equipment and parts for micro, small and medium enterprises could help reduce importing machinery, thereby saving foreign currency.
He also mentioned the Mandalay Industrial Zone’s effort to manufacture double-roller gins for separating cotton wool from seeds. Despite the country’s ample cotton production, the insufficient machinery hampers its potential to emerge as a cotton-producing powerhouse.
The Union minister underscored the necessity of cotton mills to manufacture value-added products like yarns and clothing. Additionally, he highlighted the potential of producing edible oil from cotton seeds.
The Chief Minister provided details on the manufacturing process of roller gins at the industrial zone, emphasizing the importance of timely milling cotton.
They proceeded with their observation of paddy transplanting machines, seeders, and mechanical part production. — MNA/NT

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