MoI UM: Media and information literacy is an essential mechanism to combat disinformation

Union Minister for Information U Maung Maung Ohn participated in a talk on the Prevention of Toxic Media and State Building and Media Role with the trainees at Civil Service Academy (Lower Myanmar) yesterday.
First, a documentary video clip on preventing the risk of media poisoning and the role of media in nation-building tasks was played.
In his speech, the Union Minister said the trainees who are the government employees should keep in tough with modern technology and try hard to become dutiful and reliable ones in their respective sectors. Being the good civil servants who are carrying out the nation-building tasks in addition to the office works, they also should under the true news and serve duty for the development of the country and socioeconomic status of the people based on such true news.
Media and information literacy is an essential mechanism to combat disinformation. Some of the youths are mislead with the false news as they are weak in analyzing the false news and misinformation. The ministry combatted such false news and misinformation via the State-owned media and conducted press conferences with local and foreign media frequently.
He continued that if the media is used in nation-building tasks effectively, it can bring benefits to political, economic and social sectors. When the media raises the public awareness regarding the policy and activities of government, the preventive measures for unusual phenomenon like natural disasters can be made ensuring least destruction in media ways.
He also talked about the modern and creative policy of the ministry to inform, educate and entertain, and highlighted the duties of ministry to conduct educating programmes for the sake of country and people in building a nation via media and proper public relations.
He added that new information is required for daily socioeconomic development and the media toxic lead to wrong decision, vision and goodwill.
He stated that the People’s Military Service Law came into force on 10 February 2024. The 2019 Inter-censual Survey shows that there are nearly 13 million people who are eligible for conscription. Among the 13 million, there are 6.3 million men and 7.7 million women. Especially for men, one per cent of 6.3 million men is 63,000 and two per cent will be 120,000. When it is ten per cent, there might be 600,000. But, that number is not required. There are 60,000 wards and villages in the country, and so there will be one or two people from one ward or village to serve the military service. He also highlighted that all the citizens are responsible to defend the country as only Tatmadaw is not responsible to do so.
He then urged the trainees to apply the knowledge acquired at the training in their work field.
He also distributed five sets of MRTV DTH receivers and 100 DVB T2 Set Top Boxes to the trainees through a lucky draw.
The talk was attended by directors-general of Ministry of Information, the rector, pro-rectors, professors, officials and 860 trainees. — MNA/KTZH

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