MoI urges enhanced efforts to combat fake news

Union Minister for Information U Maung Maung Ohn met the faculty members, students and departmental officials of Hpa-an University and Education Degree College at Zwekabin Hall of Hpa-an Township yesterday.
Speaking at the event, the Union minister said that the malicious media outlets spread false information, especially about government activities, to mislead the people.
Therefore, everyone should consider whether the spreading of news on social media is accurate or not.
He then highlighted the attacks of terrorists in some regions and states and the fighting launched by armed organizations in Shan State (North) for their interests that affect the locals and the image of the country.
He said that the country would maintain China-Myanmar bilateral relations and achieve mutual benefits despite the attempts of insurgents that would destroy the bilateral relations of the two nations.
Then, the state chief minister clarified the measures to tackle the false information and provide trustworthy information.
On the same morning, the Union minister inspected the kids’ reading room, museum, public library, mobile library truck of Hpa-an District IPRD, and the Community Centre (Hpa-an) compound.
During the tour, the Union minister met the staff and stressed the need to promote the media industry as New Media and explore innovation. In contrast, other countries have initiated AI technologies for information technology services.
He also that he appreciated the efforts of the Kayin State government to construct a community centre as a supportive action of youth development. He advised offering mobile library services for the public and stimulating the public on media ways to fight against acts of terrorism.
Then, the Union minister inspected the MRTV retransmission station (Hpa-an) and provided cash assistance to the staff. — MNA/KTZH

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