Money from the accounts of banks will never be lost for any reason: CBM Deputy Governor

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The weekly press conference of the SAC's Information Team is held online 7 May 2021.

The Information Team of the State Administration Council held the weekly press conference through videoconferencing yesterday afternoon.
First, Major Kaung Htet San of the Information Team explained that as the Tatmadaw recognizes the media as the fourth estate by firmly granting the Union based on multiparty democracy and federalism, the media as the fourth pillar need to participate in the nation-building tasks with a constructive attitude.
He continued clarifications that the universities, colleges and institutes reopened the final year courses, master’s studies and doctoral courses in line with the Covid-19 guidelines as of 5 May, and students are attending the classes. On 1 June, the basic education schools will be reopened. The school enrolment week was set from 24 to 31 May to launch the academic matters.
Myanmar implements the national education system in accord with the 2014 national education law, and it did not emerge in the time of the State Administration Council. National education cannot be changed for a government or a person. The education system and curriculums have been used for five years, included in the two terms of the governments. Using the education system as the military slavery education system is assaulting the students and teachers.
All the citizens need to look at the acts of those who undermine the health and education systems of the entire nationals, and those who put the whole nation into the victims under the influence of doctrines in the long run and the citizens need to prevent their acts.
Service personnel are to serve the State duties which government takes over the State responsibilities. Tatmadaw and police members are civil service personnel discharging the responsibilities of State defence and the rule of law, and education staff and health staff are also civil service personnel. In every country, health and education tasks are very important without halting in any situation. Parents should enrol their children not to delay attending the schools while teachers should emphasize academic matters of the citizens.
Some medical doctors and health staff participated in CDM activities by breaking medical ethics and imposing pressures and coercion on others to join the CDM. So, they were absent at the assigned hospitals without serving the health tasks. The Tatmadaw admits patient people at the military hospitals and temporary emergency hospitals starting from 5 February to fulfil the needs. Up to 6 May, the Tatmadaw hospitals and health centres gave treatment to 187,924 outpatients and 58,592 inpatients, major operations to 8,766 patients and minor operations to 4,476 patients. Moreover, surgical operations were performed on 4,530 pregnant women. A total of 6,849 patients were given birth to babies, totalling 11,379 babies.
With regard to drug eradication, 1.819 kilos of heroin, 50.016 kilos of raw opium, 27.85 kilos of opium, 2.75 kilos of marijuana, 8,506,949 stimulant tablets, 1.512 kilos of ICE and 446 kilos of other accessories were seized from 7 April to 4 May 2021. The seized drugs were valued at more than K13.641 billion of street price. From 1 January to 4 May, narcotic drugs worth K116.403 billion at the street price were seized.
Moreover, he continued opening Moe Kaung Treasure Maternal and Child Hospital, meeting the international standard. The patient people received medical treatment abroad for bad health, but they faced language and social barriers. In addition, the expenditure on medical treatment as well as travel charges was high. There are 1,115 hospitals of the government and 187 private sectors in the country. According to the census, 72 per cent of patients received medical treatment at private hospitals and clinics. So, the newly-inaugurated Moe Kaung hospital aims to provide healthcare services to the people at home.
The Myawady Media Centre was established to enable the international community to know the image of Myanmar and penetrate the business related to the media into the international community. The seven-storey Myawady Media Centre is formed with cinema, theatre, TV studios, other relevant studios, library and media training hall. He further explained efforts to enhance Myanmar motion picture arena and a plan to build an outdoor studio for the improvement of Myanmar’s motion picture and media arenas by practically implementing the mottos: “Film is for the sake of the people”, “Uplifting the literature to improve the national”, and “musical capability to develop the nation”.
Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Myanmar U Win Thaw explained the restriction for taking out the cash was announced to restore the stability of the banking system. People with worries take out their money, while some people do not entrust their money to the banks. So, the Central Bank of Myanmar announced a statement on 27 April to ease the said issues. According to the statement, people were allowed to entrust their money at the banks in new bank accounts as a special issue as of 3 May. They will be allowed to take out the money from the new accounts without limit. Those who entrusted money at the banks before 3 May will be allowed to take out the cash from their accounts under the original restrictions of the CBM. Such a process will be eased later. The State Administration Council firmly manages the banking services, which plays a crucial role in the economic sector. The CBM has no plan to dissolve any banks. The deputy governor pledged that the money from the accounts of banks would never be lost for any reason. If the people cooperate in trustfully operating the banking system of the State, the difficulties the people are facing will be solved in a short time.
Major Kaung Htet San replied to queries raised by the media. The video conferencing press conference was attended by reporters from local news agencies, daily newspapers, journals, local TV broadcasting stations and local-based foreign news agencies. —MNA

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