More than 170,000 acres of 2020-2021 monsoon crops cultivated in Yinmabin

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A total of 170,506 acres of monsoon paddy and other monsoon crops will be planted in 2020-2021 in Yinmabin Township, Yinmabin District, Sagaing Region, according to the Township Agriculture Department.
It is reported that local farmers are carrying out cultivation activities such as ploughing and sowing seeds in their farmland to grow monsoon paddy in time.
The department stated that the previous year yielded 167,979 acres of monsoon crops, and a total of 100,550 acres have been cultivated this year. Of 170,506 acres of monsoon crops, 30,700 acres of monsoon paddy; 22667 acres of various peas; 59624 acres of oilseeds; 2,233 acres of cotton; 473 acres of food crops; and 87,481 acres of other sorts of crops will be cultivated this year.
The Department of Agriculture in Yinmabin Township supervises agricultural techniques, pest control measures and awareness activities to improve crop yields of the monsoon crops. – Soe Moe (Yinmabin)/GNLM

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